List of seminars in 2019 / 2020

10 October 2019
mgr Kateryna Boboshko
Properties of renormalized two-phonon mass operator and spectral density of polaron energy at T=0 K
24 October 2019
mgr inż. Anna Krzyżewska
Anomalous Hall and Nernst effects in 2D systems with cubic Rashba spin-orbit interaction
14 November 2019
mgr Piotr Majek
Interplay of Majorana and Kondo physics in quantum dots
28 November 2019
dr Kacper Wrześniewski
Quench dynamics of spin in magnetic impurity systems
19 December 2019
dr Łukasz Karwacki
Spin galvanomagnetic effects in exchange-biased heterostructures
23 January 2020
prof. Feliks Stobiecki
Ferrimagnetyczne warstwy RE-TM
6 February 2020
Michał Inglot
Oddziaływanie jedno i dwuwarstwowego grafenu z zewnętrznym polem elektromagnetycznym w szerokim zakresie energii
13 February 2020
prof. UAM dr hab. Anna Dyrdał
Bilinear magnetoresistance: theory and experiment
20 February 2020
prof. UAM Maciej Wiesner
Nanomaterials Physics Division
Topological insulator Bi2Se3 intercalated with Cu as a candidate for investigation of Majorana bound states.
27 February 2020
prof. UAM dr hab. Piotr Kozłowski
The impact of quest anions on electronic and magnetic properties of mixed-valence polyoxovanadate molecular magnets
12 March 2020
mgr Anand Manaparambil
Non-Markovian dynamics of quantum coherences in Light-harvesting systems